HPV Test At Home For Woman And Man

HPV Test At Home For Young

HPV can affect people of all ages.  Today, HPV affects people even if they are of young age.  The changed in the social behavior caused the wide spread of HPV.  However, many people are not aware that they may be already infected with HPV and could pass on this virus to their loved ones.  It is important that young and old are educated the importance of doing HPV test at home or clinic.  In addition to the test, it is also important for the young to have HPV vaccine done.

Why The HPV Vaccine Is A Must Have For Many Young People

For many years researchers didn’t know what caused such diseases as oral cancer, throat cancer, cervical cancer, genital warts, and cancer of the penis, but now it appears that one large group of viruses is at the root of many of these afflictions. They’re all part of a family called the HPV, or human papilloma viruses, of which there appears to be many. Plenty of doctors and scientists had theorized that there were viruses at the root of all these diseases and more but they hadn’t found proof as of yet. Now, while they are still discovering more, it looks like there are about 100 different kinds of HPV viruses.

Not All Of The Viruses In This Family Cause Diseases

But enough of them do that they are highly suspected in many other types of cancers, warts, and other growths. Many of these are transmitted through sexual contact but not all and they can be passed by close physical contact instead. For the most part, people that have them are totally unaware of their infection and they have no symptoms to speak of. It has been estimated that about 50% of all adults have one form or another of human papillomavirus. Sometimes there are symptoms, such as a wart on the hands, feet, genitals, or anus, but it clears up after a few months or years and never returns.

In fact, there are so many different kinds of viruses in this family that are being found that most of them are just given numbers such as human papillomavirus 6, or 11, or 18 rather than giving each one its own name. There are tests for some of them, like the one that leads to cervical cancer, but not all of them, so it’s best to get the vaccine that is now available to protect against as many as possible.

The Vaccine Can Prevent The Infection But Must Be Taken Before

Once a person has contracted the sexually transmitted virus the vaccine will have no effect on the disease so it must be taken at a young age in order to make sure that there are no prior infections for it to work. Most doctors are recommending that teenagers of about 14 years get the vaccine before they become sexually active. At first, it was strongly recommended for only females but now many doctors are also recommending the vaccine for young males as well.

The main two reasons for vaccinating males too is that they also can contract cancer of the throat, tongue, gums, penis, and anus from the virus, plus they can be carriers that infect females too. With vaccines, the higher the percentage of the population that is vaccinated, the better chance there is to take control of a disease.

If you are worried about getting HPV in any of its forms, by all means get the vaccination soon. Even if you’ve already been infected with one or two of the strains, you still may prevent a future infection by another strain that could prevent problems in the future.

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